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Danny Imig: Complete Available Recordings List (DISCOGRAPHY)
Recordings in reverse chronological order.

Most of these recordings can be purchased on line from the store.

(2018) The Elektra Kings: Surf, Spy, Psychedelic, Sci-Fi (CD)
(2009) Danny Imig: I Am Duhmingus (CD)
(2007) Danny Imig: Three-Chord Idiot (CD)
(2006) Danny Imig: Space is Your Friend (CD)
(2006 re-issue, originally 1989) CERTAIN DEATH: The Complete Studio Recordings-1985-1988 (CD)
(2005 re-issue, originally 1985) CERTAIN DEATH: Basement Live '85 (CD)
(2005) North of Dirt, DemoV.2 (CD)
(2004) Danny Imig: Bomb in My F-Hole (CD)
(2003) Danny Imig: SubBlued (CD)
(2001) Danny Imig: Your Long, Lost Buddy (CD, cassette originally)
(2000) Danny Imig: Holly Daze w/ Hazel (CD, cassette originally)
(1999) D.B. Imig: Just Another Detour (CD, cassette originally)
(1997) D.B. Imig: Folk Music for Libertarians (CD, cassette originally)
(1996) THESAURUS REX: Laryngitis X3 (CD, cassette originally)
(1994) D.B. Imig: Choose Silver (CD, cassette originally)
(1993) D. B. Imig: Never Learned Cooperate (CD, cassette originally)
(1992) D.B. Imig: Double Bubble Man (CD, cassette originally)
(1991) D.B. Imig: Media Circus Ring (CD, cassette originally)
(1990) Danny Sleeze: Rosy Palm Reader (CD, cassette originally)
(1989) Danny Sleeze: Blue Mushrooms (CD, cassette originally)
(1989) Danny Sleeze: Greensleeze (CD, cassette originally)
(1988) Danny Sleeze: For My Friends Who Love Cheese (CD, cassette originally)
(1988) Complete Death Two, compilation lp by Metal Blade, Death Records
(1988) CERTAIN DEATH: K.A.O.S. in Control/ Dead Llama (45 rpm record)
(1985) CERTAIN DEATH: Basement Live '85 (original cassette format)
(1985) Dial-a-trance, Chicago punk rock compilation cassette.


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