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Danny Imig: Complete Available Recordings List
Recordings in reverse chronological order.


The Elektra Kings Cover (2018) THE ELEKTRA KINGS: After eight years the surf, spy, psychedelic sci-fi instrumental power trio has finally released a CD. Eleven songs. Nine rockin' originals and two wild, crazy cover tunes. Tracks include: Twilight of Kings, Peter Gunn Gets Smart, Boo's On the Beach, Stinkin' Badges, Blue Agave, Elektra City, Rock em' Sock em' Robots, Big Boppin' Swing Thing, Punk Rocker Header West, The Good Bad Ugly Fistful, and Sextination Mars. Here's what Danny had to say about the recording: "The Elektra Kings are very happy with what we came away with at LBA Studios. Big, huge, brilliant sound with crisp definition, and all warm and oozy at the same time. With just three instruments no less, and virtually no layering. Best we've ever sounded, and the wife says Mike (Congilosi II) captured the way we truly sound." Mastered by Grammy-nominated Paul Mahern.


Dan Imig:Three Chord Idiot(2009) Danny Imig: I Am Duhmingus. The worst thing you can do with musical deviants is give them more tools to threaten society. But since the internet is still unfortunately not yet policed, E-bay was not required to notify the authorities or general public on Mr. Imig's purchase of a Roland Fantom X88 keyboard/ workstation. So the terror escalates. The very first song "Twinkle Twisted Lydian Star" threatens to undermine all of western civilization's music theory, and unnerve school children everywhere when they find out "Do, Re, Mi…" is wrong. The theme song, "I Am Duhmingus" , is just a bawdy insult to brass in general. "Bootheel Bluz," a seedy unseemly allusion to perversion performed naked with slippery slide guitar. Mr. Imig's "Sweepin' Dust Off the Axe" vividly recalls the horror of mixing too much coffee with a Marshall stack. Something we must protect our children from. "Gassed in Paris"? Need we say more? And then there's "Church is Where…" a pretty little jazz ditty at first that sneaks up on you and WHAM!!! Satan pops out! It's no wonder Mr. Imig experiences the melancholy of a "Long Cold Lonely Year" with those sparse tinkling guitar chords and that droning nasal voice. Who'd want to get near this guy? And if that weren't enough Mr. Imig exposes his anarchist self with a crunching, thumping diatribe against our valued social institutions and altruist philosophy with the near-obscene "Day of the Rope." We can only hope that his "Goodbye My Friends" is prophetic, but we find it hard to believe that he has any. And finally, he massacres a sacred classic, "My Way," with a ukulele.


Dan Imig:Three Chord Idiot(2007) Three Chord Idiot, finds "Poor Dan is in a Droop." Swallow that palindrome. Somebody get this manic-depressive, grinder of guitar genres some medicine, quick! The nearly 10-minute opening piece "The Four Horsemen and Injun Bloe" proves the doom and gloom of former years lives on. Contrast that with the lively near-classic jazz scat song titled, of course, "Not a Scat Song," (this man's in serious denial) and you've got a mix that will continue to confound. Lots of acoustic stuff featured here, as well as, various fusions with jazz and world music. Yes, the sitar makes an appearance in a funeral dirge no less; and also the melodica pops up on the Erie, PA bred story of collar-bomber, bank robber Brian Wells in "Call a Locksmith" a folky, dark jingle with a proven history of frightening children at live concerts. Fear not rockers, the title song, and "Once Around the Track," as well as "National Anthem of Berzerkistan" will keep you slamming and saluting. The sage also continues to propel the bass guitar into the uncharted— not for the limp-wristed, two-finger type. Can we stop the madness?

Danny Imig:Space is Your Friend(2006) Space is Your Friend: Danny Imig. New CD spotted orbiting your world!!! Six-string sage of the stylistic smorgasbord, Danny Imig, thought to be responsible. Intent unclear. 17 original songs, no recognizable style. The songs in order are: Space is Your Friend Theme Song , "Baby Pictures", Six String Highway (Wham Bar Blues), I Have a Dream, Two-Headed Folk Monster, Naked in the Woods, I Quit School 'Cause They Had Recess, It's All Easy Stuff When You're a God, Acid Jazz (Dorian) Demo #5, Get Down Doggie (Disco Demo), Far Flung Flamenco, Propensity to Rut, Frosty Harps in Phrygian Space, Sports Shoes and Schizophrenia, Acid Jazz #9 (Burp the Axe), and, I Might Die for Larry Flynt. First half of CD has a folky, country kind of feel to it, but quickly gets edgy-er in the middle, then resolves with a jazz flavor. A great mix overall.

Danny ImigCERTAIN DEATH Retrospective(reissued 2006) CERTAIN DEATH Retrospective, The Complete Studio Recordings 1985-1988. (CD). After much prodding by his friends and former fans, Danny Imig (aka Danny Sleeze) finally releases the long-buried studio recordings of CERTAIN DEATH. A much bootlegged and basement-recorded Chicago band of the mid-80s, you can now relive that punk-rock nuclear rage with the original professional studio-quality recordings. Contains: "K.A.O.S. in Control" with famed NAKED RAYGUN/PEGBOY guitarist John Haggerty producing and singing backup. "Granny's on the S.W.A.T. Team", hailed by Jello Biafra as one of the finest examples of "crunching, metallic, punk of the Midwest variety." "Spontaneous Human Combustion" called by Maximum Rock'n'Roll magazine a "Pop-punk near-classic." Also, "SPECKtacular leGACY", left off a famous Chicago compilation album due to its controversial lyrics- just a bit TOO "punk"? Also included: "Nuke Us Now" ("these guys play too many long guitar solos"- MR&R), as well as "I Saw You"-70 seconds of maniacal bloodletting, "Lounge Alert"-yeah, they can play jazz too; as well as the infamous "Dial-a-trance", and the now prophetic song from the Metal Blade/Death Records compilation (Complete Death 2) "Tomorrow's Alcoholics". Lest we forget the timeless "Dead Llama" with its (Baaaaa!) "Earbleeding Charm," Illinois Entertainer Magazine. Aforementioned songs produced by world-famous Iain Burgess (NAKED RAYGUN, BIG BLACK, etc.) and recorded at Chicago Recording Center. Earlier demos and rare radio interviews fill out this CD. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Bomb in My F-Hole(2004) Danny Imig: Bomb in My F-Hole (CD). Don't play this one on your next business flight. Here's a collection of various D.B. Imig songs performed live with acoustic guitar and recorded live to two-track stereo. Parties interested in booking Danny Imig-"The Coffee House Act," should get a good idea of what they're in for here-hellacious finger picking and guitar thumping, acidic lyrics, flat singing, political diatribes, brutal self-analysis, stylistic confusion… everything fans and foes alike have come to expect from the oft-misguided six-string sage. Classics include: "Snowden", named after the thematic character from Joseph Heller's Catch 22. Imig's story of the fate of a nuclear protester, "Norman Meyer Died for You and Me". The ever-unpopular "Tim McVeigh Had Something to Say", and "No God", and others. New songs include, "Bomb in My F-Hole", also "Mary Poppins Was a Communist Plot", "J. Seepreme", a jazz tribute to his departed friend J.C., and inspiration John Coltrane. Also acoustic versions of "Tryptophan Blues", "No Bud Wiser", and "None at All. (see next 2 entries) ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:SUBBLUED(2003) Danny Imig: SUBBLUED (CD). A four-song, professionally recorded adventure in rock'n'blues. Danny's Chicago roots rear and thrust up to bring us "Tip On Out", a tribute to Slim Harpo and Danny's old watering hole in Blue Island, IL., "Parking Lot Blues", another drinking-inspired jaunt gone astray, "Tryptophan Blues", Thanksgiving's only known theme song, and the egoist blues mantra "No Bud Wiser". D.B. Imig on guitar, bass, and vocals. Drums and recording at All Sound Recording, Warren, PA, by Bob Priest. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Your Long Lost Buddy(2001) Danny Imig: Your Long Lost Buddy (CD). Most people will agree that this CD marks the point where Mr. Imig finally "loses" it. Convinced he's the reincarnated genius of BUDDY HOLLY, Imig goes on to pen a handful of 50s inspired tunes, as well as play all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums, vocals) and do all the recording. Nacissus Extremus. Some incredibly inspired songs result though: "What Am I Going to Do Without You" truly sounds like a BUDDY HOLLY song. "Daytona" is a classic surf instrumental, as is "Big Boppin' Swing Thing." A couple old songs pop up here reworked-- the quintessential NRA theme song "Can't Take My Guns Away", and a song Imig claims to have penned at the age of 17, "Iddy Bitty Pretty Titties"- kinda cute, actually. Inspired guitar work throughout. The final song, "None at All" says it all—the melancholy tone coupled with Imig's observations on the futile pursuit of fame, will affect any "Lost in Hollywood" types who have also wondered "Why bother?" Skip the 6-page tomb on Imig being BUDDY HOLLY reincarnated; just enjoy the music. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Holly Daze w/ Hazel, aka Danny Imig's Xmas 2000(2000) Holly Daze w/ Hazel, aka Danny Imig's Xmas 2000 (CD/ cassette originally). Another of Imig's alter-egos trashes once-popular Xmas songs while putting most to surf beats. Nice nearly-classical performance of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". Rock and Country themes also lend themselves well to Imig's warped renditions. Best tunes however, as usual, are his own: the original version of "Tryptophan Blues" on baritone guitar, "Garbage Santa", and the "Blair Xmas Jingle" which has become a huge local (Warren, PA) favorite.

Danny Imig:Just Another Detour, Solo Guitar Works Under Construction(1999) D.B. Imig: Just Another Detour, Solo Guitar Works Under Construction (CD/cassette originally) . An interesting "organic" approach to cassette tape releases-Imig was going to update these songs with newly recorded versions every couple of years, thus the title. Of course this was a stupid idea and finished "perfect" versions of these songs have never been recorded. However, if you're into solo guitar instrumentals in the style of CHET ATKINS, MERLE TRAVIS and the like, and you can appreciate new original music in that vein, you might enjoy these wild romps of roundwound furry. Not voted "fingerpicker of the year" but, then again, he'd never pay the contest entry fee either. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Folk Music for Libertarians(1997) Folk Music for Libertarians (CD/cassette originally). Protest songs for a generation yet to come. PETE SEGER's evil twin. JOAN BAEZ's antithesis. Imig pens tunes pontificating his so-far-right-he's-left, radical-capitalist, anarchist, atheist, individualistic philosophical views; thus alienating most. Destined to remain rightfully obscure. True street corner anthems, (a few can be found redone on the more recent "Bomb in My F-Hole" CD). Throw money, or get the hell out of the way!!! ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Thesaurus Rex: Laryngitis X3(1996) Thesaurus Rex: Laryngitis X3 (CD/ cassette originally). This band headquartered and partied in Fox Lake, IL from 1994 to 1998. No singing on this 30-plus minute CD, just the crunching guitar of Danny Imig, growling bass of Jeff Anderson (formerly of CERTAIN DEATH), and the pounding, big-top, side-show drums of Steve Holtz, (formerly of I.D. UNDER). Nobody ever got this band. Why do people require a singer to "guide" them through a song? Lack of imagination, perhaps? Danny hopes to re-record most of these songs at a later date with a new band; maybe people will figure it out then. Stylistically somewhere between SHADOWY MEN and SATRIANI, between DICK DALE and ZAPPA, between THE VENTURES and PRIMUS. Songs include the ominous jazz romp "Pachyderm Tutu Dance", flamenco influenced anthem "Bouncing on Esmeralda", (which turned up again on "Long Lost Buddy" as "Ritchie V's Anthem") and circus pieces "Larry the Lobster Clown" and "Jazz for Jumping Dogs", the always popular "Mideast Circle Dance" (aka the "Havah Nagilah Medley"), "Have a Good Time All the Time", and others. Thesaurus Rex offers something new for a D.B. band-two cover songs. A cool version of the "Repo Man Theme" by IGGY POP, and a VICTIMS FAMILY's instrumental "George Benson".

Danny Imig:¢hoose $ilver (CD/ cassette originally)(1994) D.B. Imig: ¢hoose $ilver (CD/ cassette originally). Fourth in the D.B. Imig series and last of the solo, home-recorded, cassette series, this collection is perhaps the hardest to categorize. Acoustic guitar lovers will find much to rave about including a long classical guitar piece that D.B. composed from his college days (1981) until its recording hereupon called "Exercise at Dawn." A great "folk" song with lyrics inspired by a town in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged ,called "Starnesville". Those who want to thrash and jam though, fear not, "House Slut Mini-Van", Bass in Space" and others will keep you diving off your coffee tables. Other high points include "Do Us a Favor and Kill Yourself" which sounds kind of PRIMUS-like, "Your Brian's Thinking, Can You Love Me?" sung a lot like the PSYCHEDELIC FURS guy, and "We're the Living" a kind of heavy-metal ska song, if you can believe there is such a thing. D.B. claims to have invented the whole genre of Metal ska??? Damn egoist… ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Never Learned Cooperate(1993) D.B. Imig: Never Learned Cooperate (CD/ cassette originally). The third in the D.B. Imig series, he claims this is his most "successful" work to date. Got to wonder what his version of "success" entails? It does contain the TV themes (opening and closing) that he composed for "John Abdo's Fitness Profile". Good music to sweat by. John would later go on to invent the "ABDOer", a TV infomercial mass-marketing phenomenon. The closing theme called "Tapping On Towards Tinytown" is a particularly magical, two-handed, tapping down the train tracks ("Risky Business") type of tune. "Bring Bright Ages" a wonderful, upbeat, crunching, pop-rock piece, and "Take New Risks" featuring lead vocalist (not saxophonist) BILL CLINTON via various sampled soundbites, are two other high points. Also included, the first versions of "Small People Are Safe" which appears later on "Bomb…" and "Norman Meyer Died for You and Me", same. "King James Version" is a hilarious splice/spoof on the eternal JAMES BROWN. "JC's Funky Nightmare" is a sparkling little gem of a song, with multiple time signatures created on the omnipresent drum machine, and guaranteed to make most real drummers cringe. The original "No God, Parts 1 & 2" is included here, a study in contrasting styles, classical/folk versus punk/metal, thus the two parts. The solo in "Part One" may be the best rippin' Danny solo ever! CD title pretty much explains why D.B. is destined to fail in this business. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Double Bubble Man(1992) D.B. Imig: Double Bubble Man (CD/ cassette originally). The second in the D.B. series features what Imig calls a "new positive energy thanks to my immersion in the philosophy of Ayn Rand." Songs obviously thusly influenced include "Get the Hell Out of My Way", also, a great instrumental "Alewife Ska Party" and another rockin' ska tune "Runnin' in a Desert". Guest saxophonist Kevin Cox, of RIFF RAFF fame, contributes handily to the jazz-swing ditty "Let's Have Sax Tonight", as well as the "Peter Gunn" takeoff "Dick Howitzer". More acoustic, classical, and mellow stuff featured on this collection such as "Tiny Fin (slightly crushed)" a takeoff on HENDRIX's "Little Wing". ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Media Circus Ring(1991) D. B. Imig: Media Circus Ring (CD/ cassette originally). After the death of Danny Sleeze in a bizarre restaurant shooting, D.B. picks up where he left off with a wild romp through a psycho-audio circus. Twisted guitar and bombastic ethnic beats abound. Soar from the funkadelic heights of "War is No Game" (composed for the first computer desert war) to the sludge-slime depths of "UltraMeditation", something a bit akin to ZEPPELIN's "No Quarter". From the outbreak of the poppy title song, "Media Circus Ring" through a four-song tour of Spain (the Spanish are so cool, they're Phrygian!), and onward to the acoustic folk hit "A Regular Song, Parts 1 and 2", D.B. continues to astound all with his versatility, instrumental prowess, and crisp compositional qualities. This and "Rosy…" are his best cassette releases, according to longtime fans and friends. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Danny Sleeze: Rosy Palm Reader(1990) Danny Sleeze: Rosy Palm Reader (CD/ cassette originally). Last tape in the Sleeze series before Danny is tragically murdered by his friend and co-philosophizer Wally, in their favorite restaurant. Actual last words and fatal shots heard on next to last song. Includes the dark-blue monster of a hit "Ghost of Pharmore", spaghetti western spin-off "Punk Rocker Headed West", fusion masterpiece "Medium Generation", and thrasher classic "Brand New Car", home-forged metal hit inspired by The Terminator "Homosapius Terminus", and many, many more. Prolific in a compositional sense. Sickeningly versatile. Disquieting, turbulent, with a hint of the occult. Mr. Sleeze truly must have sensed his "end". His "Experiment in 11/12" will live as a mind-numbing, Zen guitar classic. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL, except for a version of ERIK SATIE's "Gymnopedie #1".

Danny Imig:Danny Sleeze: Blue Mushrooms(1989) Danny Sleeze: Blue Mushrooms (CD/ cassette originally). The third in the totally-solo, self-flagellating Sleeze series. Danny buys his first drum machine and flounders amidst programming voodoodum, although the "sound" of the drums is vastly improved over his first two tapes. His programming would get better and more real as the series progressed. This tape benefits from repeated listenings (it's a bit of an acquired taste) and perhaps some chemical modifications in order to fully appreciate. Hence the title? Some of the best rock solo guitar work D.S. has ever done is found within this tape. Favorites include: guitar slaying "Floyd 'Slippery Fingers' Rose Private I", "Ghost of Pharmore", "Surfin' on the Wah Wah Pedal", "Hot Blue Guitars", and another ska masterpiece "Dance the Magic Mushroom". Two songs that should have ended up on the CERTAIN DEATH recordings but didn't, that appear here in solo-produced form are the classic "Cock Rock Metal" and "Condumineum" which would go on to be re-worked into "Norman Meyer…". Also contains the song that spawned the "Fitness Profile Theme" years later, "DelPyuko Blue" a rock-flamenco romp through a bad smelling Latin disco on the San Antonio river-walk. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Danny Sleeze: Greensleeze(1989) Danny Sleeze: Greensleeze (CD/ cassette originally). The most widely-liked and most-distributed tape of all the Danny home-recorded series. Painters in the northwest suburbs (where D.S. worked) are still playing this in their vans and wondering "What ever became of…" Young children also seem to gravitate to this tape as well, some with hyper-spasmodic reactions, probably due to the canned sound of the keyboard drums- fun, fun, and not quite as "Cheezy" as the original, but almost. Sleeze slays (sleighs?) with guitar over the toppings of cheese. Favorites include: "Serial Monogamy" and "Runnin' Out of Time" both left-overs from the college days "D.S. COOTIE" band (see bio), "People Hunting" a re-work of a classic CERTAIN DEATH tune, a tune making a big popular comeback, "Corporate Dicks Roast in Hell", anti-TV and media rant "Bad Acting", and many other expertly constructed poppy "Cheezy" songs. Instrumentals abound also. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

Danny Imig:Danny Sleeze: For My Friends Who Love Cheeze(1988) Danny Sleeze: For My Friends Who Love Cheeze (CD/ cassette originally). The tape that legitimatized home recording forever. Lovable due in part to its simple "cheezyness". They only wish they were giants.-- D.S. was way ahead of them. Drums all "cheesy" ala various Casio keyboards of the time. Great and unfettered guitar work. Phenomenal songs; some include: "Kids Can Be Nazis Too", one of Sleeze's first written when he was with RIFF RAFF (see bio), the first instrumental composed age 15, "Laguna Sludgepond", "Snowden", a song originally composed for NAKED RAYGUN but penned too late to make even a CERTAIN DEATH recording, and "Wake the Dead" a sloshy bass-driven disco shuffle set to the rhythm of a washing machine. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL save for a version of ALICE COOPER's "Eighteen" transformed into "I'm Aging and I Like It!", and a version of the "Munster's Theme", also way ahead of those rock versions heard later. They've been rippin' off Danny Sleeze ever since he put out this tape. Someone out there must be listening…

Danny Imig:CERTAIN DEATH, K.A.O.S. in Control/ Dead Llama(1988) CERTAIN DEATH, K.A.O.S. in Control/ "Dead Llama", 7", 45 r.p.m. record. Big, big, big, HUGE sound thanks in part to producer/engineer Iain Burgess. If you still like records, and appreciate big drums sounds, this is for you. A real collector's item, although D.S. claims to have about 300 left in his basement. Includes matching 11 X17 poster from the same era.

Danny Imig:CERTAIN DEATH: Basement Live '85(1985) CERTAIN DEATH: Basement Live '85 (CD/ cassette originally). The basement tape that started it all! Called by Thrash 'Till Deaf Magazine "the best punk, hardcore tape ever!" This newly remastered on its 20th anniversary, live, overhead stereo mic recording captured the band as its members' interest was peaking, and laid down the foundation for the hits to come, including: "Kill the Beatles "Granny's on the S.W.A.T. Team", "Captain Nemo", "Hemroids", "Red Alert", "Less Fallout", "Survivalism", "Doomsday", and most of the CERTAIN DEATH repertoire that would follow in the next two years. This is the sound the audiences remember-brash, fast, tight, honest, and downright exhausting. The intensity of these early recordings would never again be matched. Includes the original 18 songs, and 5 bonus tracks not available on the original cassette. Slam, mash, pogo, mosh, crash, dive, and burn… old punk rockers never die; we don't even turn-- 'n our key. @




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